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Note to Captains: Still Waiting for Game1 Scores from March 30th, as well as Stats sheets from many games.


PLAYOFFS - Saturday, April 19th - 2014
Game Time Home score Away score Home Goalie Away Goalie Referee 1 Referee 2


9:00 OILERS   EXPOS          
2 10:10 BULLS   GRINDERS          
3 11:20 WINGS   LOW          
4 12:30 REVS   HIGH          
5 1:20 L1   L2          
6 2:30 W3   W4          


Commish Message

Military Police Fund For Blind Children (MPFBC)

The Military Police Fund for Blind Children was founded in 1957 and specializes in assisting visually impaired Canadian children up to the age of 21. The fund is operated entirely by Canadian Military Police volunteers.

Braille Without Boarders (BWB)
Established in 1997, Braille Without Boarders gives hope and practical skills to the blind, in particular to teach Braille to the blind in developing countries. Formerly known as Project for the Blind, Tibet until late 2002.

Important Information

- Open to all Canadian Embassy Staff, their dependents and guests. Members of the Beijing International Ice Hockey League (BIIHL).
- Registration is required prior to attending the event thru Sylvain Boyer or Dustin Dolliver.

- 200 RMB non-refundable registration fee.

- The event will consist of a constant game of ball hockey, starting from 1700 hrs, 23 May, 2014 and ending at 1700 hrs, 24 May 2014. Followed by a reception at the Embassy Canadian Club. It is not necessary to be involved in the game the entire duration; however the game must be constantly in play for the 24 hour period.

- Participants are advised to bring their own stick, gloves, protective eyewear and any other equipment they may require. Goal tending equipment is provided. Sleeping bags are encouraged to utilize in the establish rest area. Water, beverages and food will be available for purchase.
- First aid station on site with qualified first aider present at all times.

- Every participant will be required to complete and sign a Canadian Embassy Facility Waiver Form prior to the event.

- Participants are required to present themselves at Gate# 5 of the Canadian Embassy with proper government issued photo ID.

- All participants shall remain within the designated event area at all times (Tennis Court, Canadian Club, Rest Area [Pavilion], and Locker Room Facilities). Failure to comply shall result in the participant’s removal from the premises.
- It is encouraged yet not required to remain at the event for its entirety. If you are required to leave the event, and wish to return, please let it be known to the event organizers in advance.

- All proceeds recovered from food and registration will be donated to the MPFBC and BWB organizations.





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